High Performance Superinsulated House Design

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If you would like to know more about superinsulated houses, I have written a book called, THE HIGH PERFORMANCE SUPERINSULATED HOUSE. This book is easy to understand and thoroughly covers the technical details such as double-stud wall construction, insulation options, vapor transmission principles, vapor and moisture control measures, roof insulation system, window and door framing, and how to build a basement with the same space quality as the aboveground portion of the house.

The book also includes an example house designed to superinsulated standards, which is fully explained and illustrated with the inclusion of an architectural plan view, elevation views, and a perspective color rendering. This example house is also accompanied by a full set of specifications and a detailed explanation of the design concept objectives.

You can preview and order the book at SuperinsulatedHousing.com.

Shown in my design portfolio section here are some detail illustrations for this new class of high performance houses which are built to superinsulated standards for extreme heating energy efficiency, plus other special objectives. This concept is fully developed in Solidworks 3D cad design software which shows the framing for extra thick insulation cavities, execution of an airtight vapor barrier, dedicated electrical wiring space, and fully circulating cold-side ventilation.

This is a house concept that includes more than just energy efficiency. It also features practical functionality, including the following attributes:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Space efficiency
  • Open plan
  • Spacious feel
  • Simplicity of form and layout
  • Space-use flexibility
  • High quality construction and finishes
  • High comfort
  • Well designed, built-in storage
  • Low maintenance

This high performance approach will yield houses that have the attributes of a precision machine, as opposed to being just a collection of architectural style statements built to the same old construction standards. Typically, architectural design is in the forefront and often forces compromises in the functional or machine-like performance of a house. For this new direction, the feeling of style will flow from the quality of materials, workmanship, and details, rather than from a sprawling layout with complex rooflines, multiple levels, and intricate space features.

For this high performance superinsulated house, the architectural style concept is confined to functional flourishes such as the ventilation cupolas, wide roof overhang, roof support brackets, quality woodwork, and well executed window and door treatments. In terms of architecture, the style that comes closest to this house concept is Craftsman style which conveys well-built simplicity. What I am proposing is that form follows function; and the architectural beauty comes from the perfection of the function.